Modular Unidrive SP 60 hp to 2,900 hp


Unidrive SP 60 hp to 2,900 hp

208-230 / 460 / 575 / 690 Volts

High Performance AC & Servo Drive


The Unidrive SPM power modules provide the same advanced control feature set as our panel mount drives but with additional power system flexibility; the drives may be arranged to provide a common DC bus system with or without an active front end (regenerative, 4 quadrant operation). Very high current motors may be controlled using a multi-drive modular arrangement.
Unidrive SP Modular Range


The Unidrive SPM power modules are suitable for applications in both commercial and industrial applications where power scheme flexibility and regenerative energy saving provides an operational advantage. Typical applications include:

  • Energy saving with very high power fans and pumps
  • Metal production and processing
  • Large cranes
  • Automotive testing such as car, engine and gearbox dynamometers
  • Web control and winding
  • Conveying and processing of bulk materials
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Marine applications


Unidrive SPM power modules provide the same advantages as the Panel Mounting drives with the following additional benefits:

  • Higher power motors are controlled using Unidrive SPM power modules connected in parallel. This is an economic and compact solution that simplifies installation and improves serviceability
  • Allows you to use a DC bus system to recycle energy between simultaneously braking and motoring drives such as in a winder/unwinder configuration
  • Minimize harmonics with 12, 18, 24 pulse and active front  end operation to allow you to meet and exceed stringent supply regulations

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